Raw Honey – Coriander Honey

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  • Region: Bulgaria
  • Price range: mid, mid-high, high, exclusive
  • Colour: medium (golden amber)
  • Crystallization: quick
  • Taste: floral (specific taste and mild aroma)
  • Sweetness: medium
  • Most suitable for: Problems with digestion and high cholesterol levels

More information:

Coriander is found more in South-East Europe, but also it grows wild over a wide area of Western Asia.

Coriander honey is a very rare type of honey. The nectar of coriander is highly dependent on weather conditions and usually the plant produces it every five to six years. And even then, the production is low. As a rule, in average a hive can give 20 to 25 kilos of multifloral honey, and only 2 kilos of coriander honey. As a result, this type of honey is rare and expensive.

The first thing somebody can say about this honey is that it looks and tastes different. Most of the people like it very much, but you have to try it to decide for yourself.

Coriander honey is important for the digestion. This is where this type of honey actions the best, it treats almost everything connected to it. In hyper-acid gastritis and ulcers to constipation (like honeydew honey), bloating and indigestion. It also lowers cholesterol and activates blood circulation.

Additional information

Weight 500 g






Health Benefits

Healing / Medical Benefits

  • treats hyper-acid gastritis and ulcers
  • relief constipation
  • relief bloating and indigestion
  • It also lowers cholesterol and activates blood circulation.

Storage & Usage

Product Storage:

  • Store in dry room temperature with no access of direct sunlight.
  • Store below 77°F / 25°C

Product Consumption:

  • Can eat directly or add to water, tea, smoothie or drizzle over breakfast.
  • Not suitable for infants under 12 months