Who We Are

At HONEY LAND™ we are dedicated to offer to our customers one-stop solution when comes to natural and organic honey. With our large collection of honey from 3 continents, we strive to fulfill customer’s needs for pure honey with affordable prices without compromising quality, through precise and unique quality management. We develop mutually rewarding business relationships with the hard-working beekeeping families, through which we are able to source only the best quality.

Our main goal is devoted to educate children and adults about the important role bees play as a pollinator of our food and how more than ever they need our help. Through our educational program, we aim to pass our knowledge to the people on how to differentiate good from bad quality honey, and all the misleading myths which make them take the wrong decision.



All our bees colonies are grown organically, without the use of drugs and other substances that may fall into the honey and reduce or damage its health benefits.

Our apiaries are located in a hilly area with deciduous forests at an altitude between 240 and 850 meters. In the areas,  there are an extremely bio-diverse of wild plants. There are over 100 species of wild herbs from which bees collect nectar from.


Honey Production

We collect honey from our own hives only when it’s fully matured to prevent fermentation.

Our honey are having very low air’s humidity and absolutely free from antibiotics, pesticides and other pollutants.


Honey Packaging

We store and pack our honey at a factory where a team of experts constantly checks the air’s humidity. We then pack the honey in jars without any further heating or processing.

Our organic and natural products are available for wholesale, bulk purchases and OEM.


Guaranteed Quality

Every batch of our honey are tested in laboratories to ensure the authenticity and quality.

All the honeys we are offering are pure 100% natural product. Our honey are raw, unheated, without added sugar, without additives, without GMO, without pasteurization and no artificial ingredients.

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