Raw Honey – Rapsflower Honey

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  • Region: Bulgaria
  • Price range: mid, mid-high, high, exclusive
  • Colour: light (white to yellowish, white)
  • Crystallization: very quick
  • Taste: floral-fruity
  • Sweetness: light
  • Most suitable for: Use for breakfast to protect your stomach from ulcer


More information:

Rapeseed or canola is an oil-producing plant that bees absolutely love. Usually if planted in the fall of the previous year, bees begin collecting the pollen and nectar of the rapeseed during the month of May of the current year. To date, Europe and the United Kingdom are the #1 producers of this type of honey.

Rape honey and pollen is successfully used to heal ulcers, in folk medicine. Rape honey is the most accepted and the best for the stomach, as it contains few acids.

It is highly recommended for kidney diseases and against cholesterol.
It contains high percentage of glucose (about 51%) that helps mental ability, and if dissolved in milk it relieves sore throat.

Additional information

Weight 500 g






Health Benefits

Healing / Medical Benefits

  • Being recommended for curing kidney health problems.
  • Rape plant oil, contain Q3, an element extremely important for bone development.
  • Rape honey is used to treat osteoporosis.
  • Helps the regeneration and elasticity maintenance of vascular walls.
  • Protects the liver, the spleen and the pancreas from various diseases.
  • Recommended for heartburn sufferers due to its very low acidity.

Storage & Usage

Product Storage:

  • Avoid direct sun light, the best place is cupboard or pantry.
  • The ideal temperature for storage is between 15°C and 25° C.
  • Should not keep it in the fridge since the cold makes the honey to crystallize.
  • Once opened, ensure close it again well to be preserved well and not lose their active ingredients.
  • Honeys tend to come with a date of consumption, although this date is only an indication that honey does not spoil. Over time it’s tend to crystallize but not spoil.

Product Consumption:

  • Can eat directly or add to water, tea, smoothie or drizzle over breakfast.
  • Not suitable for infants under 12 months