Honey Land – Walnut Honey

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  • Ingredients: 100% Raw honey
  • Contains Walnut
  • Does not contain any preservatives


This combination of honey and walnuts were used since the Romans and in many places around the world it is still a habitual dish at the wedding party. This is because honey and walnuts are very good aphrodisiacs and this is a very powerful combination of both of them: honey stimulates the production of testosterone in men and the walnuts help the use of estrogen in women. In addition, scientific studies have shown that three tablespoons of honey significantly increase the level of nitric oxide, a chemical found in the blood of men during sexual arousal. Nuts also contain large quantities of zinc, which is a vital element  for the development of sperm. Both are very effective in improving the general level of energy, blood circulation and endurance during intercourse.

Additional information

Weight 500 g






Health Benefits

Healing / Medical Benefits

  • walnuts are a symbol of intellectuals, because their bi-lobed kernels have convoluted surface, resembling the human brain!
  • Of course, the fact that the walnuts are good for the brain is explained by science through theirs many health-benefiting nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for optimum health.
  • It has a high content of ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is a a natural phenol antioxidant found in numerous fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) used to prevent cancer and treat viral and bacterial infections.

Storage & Usage

Product Storage:

  • Avoid direct sun light, the best place is cupboard or pantry.
  • The ideal temperature for storage is between 15°C and 25° C.
  • Should not keep it in the fridge since the cold makes the honey to crystallize.
  • Once opened, ensure close it again well to be preserved well and not lose their active ingredients.
  • Honeys tend to come with a date of consumption, although this date is only an indication that honey does not spoil. Over time it’s tend to crystallize but not spoil.

Product Consumption:

  • Can eat directly or spread over toast for breakfast.
  • Not suitable for infants under 12 months
  • The recipe includes: Cold Greek fat yogurt, honey and walnuts.
  • It’s light, refreshing and very tasty.
  • Lowers High Blood Pressure – It is recommended to eat every day 100 grams of walnuts and the same amount of honey for a period of 45 days
  • Treats anemia – Prepare a mixture of 500 g honey, 500 g chopped walnuts (minced) and the juice of one lemon. The initial recipe mentions only one lemon, but other people put 2 or 3, I think depends on each one’s taste.
    Mix the ingredients together and place them in a glass jar. Take 1 tablespoon three times per day, half an hour before the meals.


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