Gift Box – Organic Honeycomb Rose Leatherwood Honey

1 Organic Rose Honey 500g + 1 Organic Honeycomb 500g + 1 Organic Leatherwood  Honey 500g


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1 Honey Land Organic Honeycomb (500g)

  • Ingredients: 100% Raw Organic honeycomb
  • Does not contain any preservatives


1 Honey Land Organic Rose Honey (500g)

  • Ingredients: 100% Raw honey
  • Rose Infused
  • Does not contain any preservatives


1 Honey Land Organic Leatherwood Honey (500g)

  • Ingredients: 100% Raw Leatherwood honey
  • Does not contain any preservatives

Additional information

Weight 1.50 g








Health Benefits

  • Roses are Sedative, and relaxing.
  • Mildly sedative and anti-inflammatory.
  • Helps to open and strengthen the heart, as many rose-family plants do, like hawthorn.
  • Aid digestion with their mild bitterness supporting the liver.
  • Beneficial for skin support because of their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Wonderful in tea, or by the spoonful, anytime you’d use honey.

Storage & Usage

Product Storage:

  • Store in cool dry conditions below 77°F/25°C
  • Avoid direct sun light, the best place is cupboard or pantry.
  • Should not keep it in the fridge since the cold makes the honey to crystallize.
  • Once opened, ensure close it again well to be preserved well and not lose their active ingredients.
  • Honeys tend to come with a date of consumption, although this date is only an indication that honey does not spoil. Over time it’s tend to crystallize but not spoil.
  • Store out of reach of young children.

Product Consumption:

  • Every morning, 1 tsp before breakfast
  • Use with chamomile tea / any drinks

 Not Suitable for children under 1 year old 


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